A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Play as a ship in space, destroying enemies in ridiculous ways while saving the galaxy in the process. Astronauts are stranded in space and must be safely transported back to neighboring planets while enemies are avoided or decimated. Transporting to any planet will save everything you have collected and award you mega points you can use to impress your friends. If you transport items to specific planets you can earn multipliers for CRAZY amounts of ponts. Avoid the endless waves of enemies for as long as you can and be the galactic guardian you always knew you could be!

Builds are available for Mac and PC

WASD to move

Arrow Keys to Shoot


Michael Diaz

Jeremiah Jackson

Kris Holguin

Tyler Quillen

Install instructions

Download the version that fits your OS, sorry Linux. Unzip and use the .exe!


GalacticGuardian_PC.zip 29 MB
GalacticGuardian_Mac.app.zip 31 MB


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Please leave any and all feedback here, we are open to any new suggestions and would like to make the game better. Thank you for playing.